The Page Exchange

Take a book. Leave a book.

#ThePageExchange is an initiative that aims to get books into the hands of more readers in New York City's underserved areas. 


80% of a child's brain is developed by age 3, so pre-emergent learning, including reading, is critical part of the developmental process. For this reason, we encourage parents to read to their children at least once a day. 


Students who read 30+ minutes a day have a much higher reading comprehension level and greater vocabularies, compared to those who read less than 15 minutes a day, yet over 50% of students read less than 15 minutes per day. 


There are countless studies that examine the lack of access to books in low-income areas and the resulting word gap, and while exact numbers vary, all the statistics prove the same thing: there is a staggering academic disparity between children in low-income neighborhoods, sometimes known as "book deserts", and children in more privileged areas.


The Page Exchange will help ensure that children who have the desire to read also have the means to read. Participating locations, also known as "Exchanges", range from neighborhood corner and grocery stores to nail and hair salons, and barbershops.  Writers for Readers will provide Exchanges with a small selection of books to offer the residents of their communities for free, on a take a book, leave a book basis.​ Map of Exchanges coming soon!


If you'd like your establishment to become an Exchange, contact us!

Want to get involved? Here's how.