About Writers for Readers

Writers for Readers is a non-profit organization born from writing community New York City Writers Network. Writers for Readers advocates for literacy, especially amongst children and young adults in underserved areas. Our mission is to instill the love of reading and writing into the youth and provide them with the resources to foster their success. 
Low-income communities, sometimes known as "book deserts", are home to families that simply don't have access to books, often constraining the abilities and opportunities of the children who reside in these areas. Through programs, workshops, seminars, and events, Writers for Readers works to decrease these literary disparities, close the word gaps, and provide opportunities for all writers and readers to thrive, regardless of age or walk of life. 

Our Mission

Instill the love of reading and writing into children and young adults, especially those in low-income communities, and provide them access to books and resources needed to foster their success.

Our Vision

Close the notorious word gap, and decrease academic and literacy disparities between children based on income and access to reading and learning materials.

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